The believers held a rally near the building of Verkhovna Rada

The righteous anger of millions of Ukrainians caused an outrageous initiative of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to consolidate the law state regulation of the religious sphere of the country. Thousands of people gathered outside the Parliament building in protest against the adoption of the controversial bill. We are talking about the empowerment of the secular authorities the right to appoint the clergy contrary to the Constitution and Church bylaws. In addition, the document suggests the possibility of the prohibition of unwanted religious organizations.

Frames that it is difficult to imagine in any more or less civilized country. Under the main legislative body of Ukraine — the Verkhovna Rada — people have to defend a constitutional right, reports «TV Center». The right to freedom of religion.

«The laws that we want to consider today the deputies can lead to the fact that my home Church will take the other confession. Legal will be a raider seizure of the temples!» – outraged member of the prayer serve.

Controversial bills — two. And both are meant to seriously complicate the life of the country’s largest denominations — the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. One involves the appointment of metropolitans and bishops only if agreed with the Kiev authorities. That is, the sweep of the clergy from those who are not ready to support nationalist ideas. The second provides members the right to change the jurisdiction of the religious communities. It just legalizes the seizure of the temples. In recent years, and already is happening in Ukraine everywhere.

Radicals lashing out with his fists, knocked out the altar door, cut icons. Alarming reports come from Ternopil, Odesa, Khmelnytsky regions. Everywhere one requirement: to transfer the parish of canonical subordination of the Moscow Patriarchate — Kiev of the schismatic.

«Within three years seized over 46 churches in this way. But all these seizures were illegal, and the courts slowly roll it back all these seizures. And transmit to the rightful owners, that is, the canonical Church. And today, this bill, if adopted, these raider attacks will be legalized. Can you imagine what will begin in Ukraine after that? Believers are not to give these temples!» – said the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Novinsky.

Will not be because well aware of the new owners, no doubt, will crush everything that is Holy. The Kyiv Patriarchate, unlike Moscow, admits, for example, a free translation of the Holy Scriptures, inventing new icons, prayers for the repose of the living enemy. By the way, the enemies of the dissenters determined very accurately is all for them Russian. The canonical Ukrainian Church, on the contrary, has always called for reconciliation. It generally is one of the few remaining braces connecting not only Moscow and Kyiv, but also Ukraine itself, which, as we know, has long bursting at the seams.

«Recent legislation referred to, aims to deprive the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of its peacekeeping capacity, its ability to appease the people who find themselves on different sides of the conflict», — said the Deputy representative of the Department for cooperation of Church and society and the media Vakhtang Kipshidze.

The interest of lobbyists and their clients, of course, not only ideological and spiritual, but also very tangible. Now the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine has 45 dioceses, over 12 thousand parishes, three laurels and almost two hundred monasteries. Tens of thousands of buildings with luxurious facilities, a rich iconography, a unique images. Money — amount of space. They have seen the dissenters, headed by Metropolitan Filaret who once declared himself «Patriarch of Kiev and all Rus-Ukraine». In the ROC, part of which with the rights of broad autonomy is the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, the bills, of course, condemned. With a call to influence the Kiev authorities to the European leaders, the Chairman of the United Nations and the Pope on the eve asked the Patriarch. And on Thursday he was supported by the world Council of churches:

«The world Council of Churches believes that the adoption of these draft laws will endanger the principle of freedom of religion and equality of all Churches and religious communities in Ukraine and could cause a new wave of tensions in the Ukrainian society. We urge that the bills were withdrawn».

People’s deputies of Ukraine consideration of laws and in the end was postponed. Not before it: they have today is an important holiday, the day of embroidery. One and all came to work dressed in national costumes. About made so much noise documents said little and not too willingly.

In the near future the Parliament will vote for a highly unpopular reforms such as raising the retirement age or lifting the moratorium on logging and selling of round timber in the form of raw materials, that is, for a pittance. All this against the backdrop of growth rates, the cost of gasoline, medicine, bread. In such a situation, the threat of destruction of the main faiths of the country — a good excuse to divert attention. While the Ukrainians will stand for the protection of their parishes, the government under the guise of carry through Parliament a package of laws, which the people of the impoverished even more.

Olga Oksenich, Artem Rasskaziki, «TV Center».

The believers held a rally near the building of Verkhovna Rada 19.05.2017

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