The basic rules for choosing headphones for metal detector

However, experienced searchers prefer to work with headphones. There are several key criteria that should guide the search for suitable headphones for a metal detector. These include the following:

1. Brand. The manufacturer is a very important selection criterion. Some companies produce models of headphones designed for a certain detector.

2. Connector. Almost all headphone connectors are one of two types – a 3.5 mm or 6.3 mm. In some cases, you need a adapter with a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm.

3. Insert. Solid headphones, around which the dynamics is no soft insert, purchase should not be. They will RUB your ears, the sound will be too loud.

4. Without wire. Subject to availability of metal detector to use wireless headphones should give preference to this model. If this is not possible, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter to attach it to the audio Jack and to wear wireless Bluetooth headphones.

5. Wire. Preference will be given to models with a helical wire that can be stretched, but in a stationary state occupies a small space and not get confused. In addition, the long cable can be accidentally damaged by a shovel or boot.

6. Resistance. The more the headphone impedance, the higher the sound quality and the longer it is discharged the battery control unit. Conversely, the weaker the resistance, the more distorted the sound, especially at high volume.

7. The summer model. Many search engines when you purchase an inexpensive headphone advanced design does not care about comfort. In the summer, the Chinese earphone polyethylene the intensity of sweating of the skin near the ears several times higher in comparison with the use of the «old» models. So you need to inquire of sellers if they have headphones for the hot weather.

8. Bezel. When you purchase non-native and non-custom headphones for a metal detector you must make sure that mounting and bezel provide enough convenience, let fly with every turn of the head and not too much it’s compressed.

9. Adjusting the volume. It is advisable to buy headphones that allow you to manually adjust the volume. They provide a higher level of comfort volume.

The basic rules for choosing headphones for metal detector 31.10.2017

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