The analyst revealed that can get a trump rating from a steep dive

For the first time since the inauguration of the rating of the 45th President of the United States fell to a record low, having fallen to a mark of 39%. While trump continues to retain the support of members of the Republican party. The work of the American leader criticized 55% of respondents. About 6% of respondents could not give a clear assessment of the actions of the White house. IReactor correspondent asked the expert of the Fund «public diplomacy,» Sergei Prost, what is the drop rating and how is trump going to fix the situation.

«Low level of support for trump due to the departure of the President from the campaign promises and the real «witch hunt» waged by the American media. The failure of the attempted repeal of Obamacare, the deterioration of relations with Russia, including in the administration of the President of persons from the so-called «marshes» of high-level bureaucrats clearly at odds with the program that allowed Trump to win, disappointing his voters. And the hysteria in the media around the President’s relations with Russia impact first and foremost on the electorate of Democrats and neutral voters.

However, support among the Republican electorate allows the Trump and the Republican party to lead the country yet almost without regard to the low rating of the President. Controlling the Parliament, the Republicans will not support so desired by the Democrats impeachment due to the popularity of trump from their constituents, and the President, and so surrounded himself with many members of the Republican elite, will act with consideration of its interests.

To boost your rating of Trump will be enough to fulfill some points of the electoral program concerning domestic policy. In addition, if the fight against terrorists in Syria and Iraq will be successful, and relations with Russia will become more constructive, the US President will also receive a measurable increase in rating».

The analyst revealed that can get a trump rating from a steep dive 20.05.2017

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