The American F-35 began to «fall apart» in flight

In the U.S. air force recognized that one of the planes the F-35, located on the Kadena air base in Japan, had lost the detail of the fuselage during flight, writes Defense News.

The incident occurred during training maneuvers to the East of Okinawa on Thursday, then wrote about it in the Japanese media, however in the US air force this information was officially confirmed only on Monday, says the publication.

The loss of the element of the fuselage with a size of about 30 to 60 centimeters of the lead F-35 has noticed his slave in the landing. The fighters were tested before the flight, so the military assumed that the part fell off when the aircraft were in the air. It is unclear whether it is possible to replace the lost part of the fuselage without compromising safety.

The F-35 Lightning II — the second serial fighter of the fifth generation after the F-22 Raptor. The program to build the F-35 has cost the United States approximately half a trillion dollars. Planes are regularly criticized, including by President Donald trump. It was earlier repeatedly reported about the various technical problems. So, in October representatives of the U.S. air force reported that many of the pilots of the F-35 experience symptoms of oxygen starvation, in November the Pentagon for 30 days has frozen the program of equipment of Armed forces F-35, after fighters found rust.

RIA Novosti

The American F-35 began to «fall apart» in flight 06.12.2017

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