The American experts gave a technical description of the war in the Donbas

Not long ago, the American military publication Defense One has published a work in which military action in the Donbass was considered as a «testing ground». Author of the book Patrick Tucker commented on everything that happens in the region from a technical point of view, noting what the weapon used either side of the conflict, what kind of equipment is present at the borders LDNR, what can we learn from the fighters of the Lugansk people’s Republic, and what is the lesson in General, we can learn from this confrontation.

Interesting, that the publications took place during negotiations in Washington on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, as well as providing military support from the West. However, it should be recalled that earlier deliveries of military-technical assistance from abroad in Kiev was a big problem: leaky and worn American armor, the supply of «plastic» and the old «hammer» produced in the 80-ies, contraband faulty radar AN-TPQ-36 Firefinder and more. With such Arsenal go APU fighters against Donbass militia.

Speaking about the tools of warfare in the Donbass, the U.S. experts were surprised that the region is widely used drones. Mostly, the drones used by Ukrainian security officials, while the militia actively using electronic warfare. And all this against the background of the use of artillery and tanks. According to the us General Herbert McMaster, the supply of lethal and other weapons of the USA to Ukraine will not make any difference if the military themselves do not learn to use it all. In addition, all the technical benefits can be meaningless in the absence of the smooth logistics, which is not Kiev.

The American experts gave a technical description of the war in the Donbas 13.09.2017

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