The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson entered the waters of the sea of Japan

North Korea conducted this morning by a new, already the third month the test of a ballistic missile. And again unsuccessfully. The launch provoked a strong reaction from neighboring countries. In Seoul said that Pyongyang pay dearly for its provocations. The next launch took place just a few hours after a special meeting of the UN security Council. They discussed tougher sanctions against the DPRK.

The US Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, who heads the American assault force of ships, passed through the Korean Strait on 29 April and entered the waters of the sea of Japan, said «TV Center».

However, two ships of the Maritime self-Defense force of Japan, from 23 April to conduct joint maneuvers with that aircraft carrier group, made up of the teachings and separated from the rest of the ships. According to the West — joint exercises with the Japanese and the South Koreans should put pressure on Pyongyang. But so far only destabilisateur the situation in the region.

Meanwhile, North Korea had another failed rocket launch. Type and details of the test are still unknown. North Korean TV about the launch of announced. The first came from Japan around midnight, several hours later, after a special meeting of the UN security Council, where the United States, Japan and Britain criticized Pyongyang for missile and nuclear program.

«This morning was a missile was launched near Puckane in North Korea in the direction of the North-East. It is believed that it launched a ballistic missile fell deep into North Korea at a distance of about 50 kilometers from the launch site. The situation is being analysed,» said chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yoshihide Suga.

The next test of the missile was clearly a surprise to Japan. The authorities have evaluated the risks and made the decision to stop the movement of all the branches of the Tokyo metro and interurban. This is the third launch of a North Korea in April. The international community has condemned Pyongyang’s actions. Next-door neighbors sent a note of protest. South Korea responded with threats.

«If North Korea will continue to play with fire against the world and abandon nuclear disarmament, we warn that North Korea will face severe punitive measures from the security Council. The South Korean government will accelerate the adoption of necessary measures to improve the comprehensive deterrence», — said the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea Cho Joon-Hyuk.

Since coming to power, Kim Jong-UN in 2011, North Korea spent more than fifty runs. Most of them were successful. Pyongyang admits that trying to create an Intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States. So Washington always respond promptly to new challenges.

«North Korea reacted scornfully to the wishes of China and its highly respected President, when launched, albeit unsuccessfully, today the rocket. Bad!», — wrote in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump.

Experts believe the rocket launch is a response to the actions of the US, Japan and South Korea off the coast of Pyongyang.

Nikita Vasilyev, «TV Center».

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The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson entered the waters of the sea of Japan 29.04.2017

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