The africanization of Ukraine: what’s the richest part of the USSR?

Ukraine was once considered the richest Republic of the Soviet Union, but now it is far from that status. Now the country is increasingly sliding towards so-called «africanization»: according to the former Czech Ambassador to Russia and to Ukraine Yaroslav Basta, currently, the GDP per capita in the Square more in line with the level of poor African or Latin American and Asian countries. Reports this edition of Reginum.

According to world Bank statistics, the list of 188 countries over the last 25 years, the GDP decreased only four countries: Georgia, the Central African Republic (CAR), Zimbabwe, and Ukraine. Latest over the years have reduced GDP by more than 1.5 times.

Despite the fact that modern Kiev puts the blame solely on their predecessors, these statements cannot be called accurate. The last time the economy in this country has undergone growth in the Soviet times, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, every politician in this country, «had a hand» to its collapse. The administration of Petro Poroshenko is not an exception. If negative dynamics is increasingly pushing the country to a complete collapse, analysts do not see growth prospects in the current political course of the country. Trying to shift responsibility for the country’s problems on his predecessors and Russia, Kiev is trying to distract of ordinary Ukrainians from their own inadequacy and incapacity. About the Soviet Union, where the country was going through really good times and acquired many key companies, and today bringing the budget any income, Poroshenko now responds negatively.

The africanization of Ukraine: what’s the richest part of the USSR? 18.06.2017

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