The action «Georgievsky ribbon» will join nearly 90 countries

On Monday, Russia started the action «St. George ribbon». She became a symbol of victory in the great Patriotic war and the memory of those who defended our Homeland. Only in Moscow will hand out about 150 thousand such tapes.

Attentive glances trying to catch every word. At parties no one is looking and foreign Affairs is not engaged. Not up to it. The last master class before an important outing. So we have to remember gigabytes of information, reports «TV Center».

In addition to the meaning of the symbol must be known and a brief history. From there, why is it so named and how to wear it. To convey to the citizens that the ribbon is not an accessory, but a tribute is the main problem. Volunteers should be savvy in all matters. To then ask themselves in the streets of the country.

New rules are invented rather for the younger generation. The eldest will probably be able to answer tricky questions of volunteers, but also tells something interesting. This has convinced the volunteers of the Foundation «an old Age in pleasure», which arrived in the Moscow house of veterans. In addition to presenting the traditional «St. George ribbons», all waiting for visiting a concert with songs of the war years. Tears could not hold back anybody.

Action «George ribbon» was launched in 2005. And for over ten years on the streets of each city, volunteers came to the streets to remind citizens of the great feat of veterans. Every year join the action more and more countries. It is not only the memory of the great war. This connection of generations.

«St. George ribbon» can get up to 9 may. Read more about addresses can be found on the website of voluntarybased.of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Salomasova, Valeria Dzgoeva, Alexander Medvedev, Ilya hurtin, «TV Center».

The action «Georgievsky ribbon» will join nearly 90 countries 24.04.2017

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