Taratuta: North Korea may see a new tweet trump of war

Imagine how Donald trump «the right way» in relations with the DPRK? This and many other questions in interview to «TV Center» replied the journalist Mikhail Taratuta.

In the program «Events. 25th hour» host Alex Frolov discussed the latest statements of the American President with journalist Michael Taratuta, who worked for many years in the United States. The conversation also touched upon the threats trump to withdraw from nuclear agreement with Iran and Washington’s readiness to establish a dialogue with Moscow.

«Senator Crocker meant that the war may begin at the request of the two countries, and by accident. Due to the fact that there is no permanent channel of communication. But I think trump didn’t swear with the DPRK, however, secret negotiations are constantly conducted. So far it’s only talks about talks. But the lead is very thin. Another tweet trump in Pyongyang could be interpreted as a possible beginning of the war. And can preemptively somehow respond,» – said Taratuta.

Full expert review here.

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Taratuta: North Korea may see a new tweet trump of war 12.10.2017

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