Tank fiasco Turkey: posted a new photo to lost «Leopards»

Loss from 10 Turkish «Leopard» 2A4 less than two weeks in the area of the Syrian city of al-Bab became a kind of shock for the soldiers storming the city. Tanks that some international military experts call the best in the world, exploding bombs, destroyed already obsolete anti-tank systems «Fagot» and TOW-2, disabling even mortar shells. At least three «Leopard» was captured by militants of the radical Islamist group Islamic state* (ISIS, ISIL — editor’s note).

Believe in such the number of lost «the best tanks in the world» is quite difficult, even though published on the Internet pictures of captured «Leopards» and a summary table of the losses, which in addition to 2A4 specify Turkish armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, armored cars and the latest M60A3 tank upgrade purchased by Ankara in Israel is «Sabra». However, in the network there are new photos of the Turkish tank fiasco under al-Bab, which only confirm the terrible statistics of losses of armored vehicles.

So, one of the «Leopards» has apparently received a direct hit by anti-tank missiles into the tower, worked lifting plates issued for habitable space of ammunition. However, it did not save the tank from almost total burnout, due to a fire in the compartment with ammunition.

The leopard with faded ammunition. Photo source: bmpd.livejournal.com

Another lost «Leopard» also visible are triggered expelling plate, this time to prevent the ignition of ammunition, but no other any visible damage. Probably tank after receiving minor injuries were simply abandoned by the crew.

One of the «Leopards», thrown by the crew. Photo source: bmpd.livejournal.com

The crew of one of the intact and captured terrorists «Leo», judging by what’s left on the battlefield tracked the trail before you can leave the tank plunged into panic. Otherwise, explain the reason left behind without any visible damage to Leopard, sacratissimo set of circles on the sand, is not possible.

«Leopard,» captured by ISIS. Photo source: bmpd.livejournal.com

In addition, the published photos were destroyed by Soviet anti-tank complex «Sabra». A tank from a frontal hit is not saved even installed the newest Israeli dynamic protection.

Knocked out Soviet tank ATGM «Sabra», an Israeli production. Photo source: bmpd.livejournal.com

As we can see, the most populous in Europe, the army with the Israeli and German weapons are absolutely not able to resist polubanditskoe groups to ISIS, which is hardly even a dozen modern tanks. However, clashes with the Turks in the al-Baba was still only enter the active phase, and, therefore, expect a new «Leopard» captured by the Caliphate.

* – an organization banned in Russia by the Supreme Court.

Tank fiasco Turkey: posted a new photo to lost «Leopards» 25.12.2016

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