Tank cheating: why the United States caught up with the armored vehicles in Poland

The clank of tank tracks, the fumes of diesel exhaust and staccato shouting of orders in English to the accompaniment of cries of Eastern Europe about the «Russian threat» exercises «West-2017» the United States brought more tanks to Poland and the Baltic States. All done slyly deployed there a second armoured brigade, which was to change the third.

However, the rotation is left-sided — from Poland and the neighbouring countries will take out only the soldiers of the third brigade, leaving all the hardware. And this is neither more nor less — about a hundred M1A1 Abrams tanks, heavy artillery, M109 Paladin and 144 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. With the arrival of the second brigade with his set of equipment that there is good was approximately two times more. About how the new alignment will affect the balance of power in the region, and American tanks can pose a threat to Russia at RIA Novosti.

«Abrams» in the sleeve

The fraudulent trick with «breeding» tanks in Poland and the Baltic States, the US effectively closed down, «the Basic act Russia-NATO», signed in 1997. In response to the claim of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Americans may now throw up your hands and in astonishment say: «what’s the matter, sir? The contract is not violated, staff are replaceable, and the tanks… well tanks? Not to carry them here and there. Without a crew it is a dead iron, is no threat. Be calm, sir.»

However, the Russian defense Ministry, these excuses are from the West, obviously, will not perceive. Znamenka 19 believe that in Poland and neighbouring countries «entrenched» heavy mechanized division, which can take two hours to complete the personnel of the American base Ramstein in Germany and move to the offensive.

Sounds like it is: Americans relapsed and returned to his favorite tactic, polished to a Shine during the cold war.

«The dual strategy of basing worked out the United States in the cold war, — told RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Colonel Victor murakhovski. — At the annual REFORGER exercises they learned in a matter of days to deploy troops in West Germany, where they were stored sets of equipment. People transported by aircraft. Two weeks later, in the ports of great Britain, Belgium, Holland and Germany came the second tier — with the continental United States by sea were transferred connection with the equipment.»

The defense Ministry does not doubt that the Balts and poles deliberately raised information howling about the «threat» posed by the Russian-Belarusian exercises «West-2107» and «Russian invasion» which «here-here will begin.» Wanted thereby to cover the deployment of ground forces in the Pentagon. «So, who are preparing an aggression?» — asks the rhetorical question, the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.

Tanks not much happens

We will remind, the third armored brigade of the US placed in Poland as part of operation Atlantic resolve. Armed with a powerful mechanized units are 87 main battle tank US M1A1 Abrams, the heavy self-propelled howitzer M109 Paladin, 144 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and about a hundred support vehicles. Technique, of course, not the newest, but for offensive operations quite a fit.

She arrived to replace the second armoured brigade was deployed in the towns of Warsaw, Wroclaw, Torun, Skwierzyna and żagań. Assuming staffing standard U.S. connections, it features about the same: hundred tanks, one hundred and fifty infantry fighting vehicles, and 50 self-propelled howitzers and mortars plus 80 anti-tank missile systems Javelin. The number of personnel — more than three thousand people.

As previously wrote the magazine «Jane’s Defence Weekly», the standard set of equipment for an armoured brigade of the U.S. army was created in 2014 and was named European Activity Set (EAS). The peculiarity of EAS is that it is not stored, but is always in the expanded state and is completed by military personnel, which are replaced every six months on rotation.

«Europe, we’re back»

Such brigade was conceived by the Americans as shock tactical core for the breakthrough of the enemy and inflicting maximum damage. They are mobile, have high survivability and are usually in full force applied on the strategic directions.

The second tank brigade is part of the oldest connections of the US army first infantry division (the informal name — «the Big red one»), which was established in 1917 and the First world war fought on the Western front. During world war II, soldiers of the division was badly trampled by the boots of North Africa and Sicily, landed at Normandy and stormed the famous Omaha beach. The division fought in France, Germany and Belgium, after world war II it was deployed to Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, Polish defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz apparently doubted the firepower of a brigade, as had to say about the need for accommodation in the country for «protection from external threats» at least two American divisions. Apparently, he was not embarrassed by the fact that Poland of a sovereign state gradually turns into a «Parking lot» for the American armored vehicles.

Eleventh army

According to the former head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security, Senator Viktor Ozerov, despite increased US military presence in Poland and the Baltic States, the Western group of Russian forces in strengthening is not needed — its more than enough to minimize, and where the biggest threats.

If you understand the West today is really well covered. In 2016, the land forces of the Baltic fleet in the Kaliningrad region have formed the 11th army corps, which includes infantry, artillery, and rocket connections.

«In addition, there are coastal troops of the Baltic fleet and connection of the marine corps, says Murakhovsky. — In Leningrad region worth a combined arms army in the Pskov region there are divisions of airborne troops. There, in the Western military district, located air army VVS and PVO. I don’t think that the command will increase the number of groups. Probably makes sense to actively infuse it with modern weapons and technology, primarily reconnaissance and strike means.»

According to experts, all signs point to the fact that the US consistently prepare infrastructure in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States for the deployment of troops numbering up to 150 thousand people. Built and upgraded command posts, communications centers, airfields, ports, Railways and roads, warehouses of weapons and ammunition, built logistics.

RIA Novosti

Tank cheating: why the United States caught up with the armored vehicles in Poland 13.10.2017

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