Takes place in Astana SCO summit

The leaders of the Shanghai cooperation organization meet in Astana, where on Thursday opened a summit of the SCO. It will be attended by Vladimir Putin. On the agenda — economic issues and regional security. But the main event is a full — fledged entry into the ranks of the participating countries of India and Pakistan.

This is, without exaggeration, a historic meeting of world attention. Because we will go about creating a sort of Eurasian group of eight. The SCO will be joined by just two States — India and Pakistan. The organization of the regional will become transcontinental. And it’s not just a huge space from the Arctic to the Indian ocean, and from the Chinese Lianyungang to Russian Kaliningrad. This is almost half of the world population, half the world’s nuclear club and a quarter of world GDP. And, therefore, more influence on the world stage, reports «TV Center».

So the focus of the discussions at the summit – of course geopolitical issues. According to reports from the Kremlin, in Astana, will highlight the importance of establishing more equitable polycentric model of the world. Talk about the economy. Joint development of infrastructure, communications, implementation of multilateral large-scale projects. For example, the economic belt of the silk road and the great Eurasian partnership which have as a key area Moscow and Beijing have long been considered the SCO. Discuss and safety – the joint fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and transboundary organized crime. Here pay attention in the first place, the problems of observer state of the SCO – Afghanistan. There remains tense situation, strengthening the position in Russia banned the «Islamic state».

Vladimir Putin will arrive to Astana and had a very busy schedule. In addition to participating in the Council of the heads of States, bilateral meetings are planned. Many of them will, that is, on his feet. But two thoroughly. With his Chinese counterpart XI Jinping on Thursday and Friday – with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Moscow has long fought for the country’s accession to the SCO, and the leaders have a lot to discuss. Also Putin will attend the opening ceremony of the largest international exhibition EXPO-2017. Walk through the Russian pavilion, which presented the achievements of domestic energy. Local media EXPO-2017 call no less a major event in the history of modern Kazakhstan. And in Astana says about it all. Posters, banners, even the scaffolding with the symbols of the exhibition is here at every step.

It is already clear that the Shanghai cooperation organization starts a new life. To prosperity is the goal of all the SCO members and is ready to join forces.

Olga Oksenich, «TV Center», Astana.

Takes place in Astana SCO summit 09.06.2017

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