Syrians thank Russia for humanitarian aid

Eight cases of ceasefire violations recorded in the past day in Syria. This is reported in the Russian defense Ministry. Despite the attacks, our military carried out a new humanitarian action. More than 250 food kits distributed to civilians of remote villages in Latakia province. It is home to more than 100 families. People also received assistance from doctors and psychologists.

Rice, flour, sugar, canned meat in these packages all the Essentials. Issue in the first place, especially to those in need. A list made up of local authorities. Here, in a remote village mountain Latakia families of soldiers who died while fighting in Syria. Is left without breadwinners farmers, teachers, pensioners. They say to survive only thanks to so weekly promotions, said «TV Center».

«Both my sons serve in the Syrian army. One in HOMS, the second in Damascus. I don’t get to see them often, they rarely arrive. All the time at the front. Help of course, as you can send the money. But they still have to provide for our family. I often get sick, so all the money spent on drugs. In addition, we grow on their own plots and sell, other earnings no. Thank you very much for your help, thank you Russia», — said a resident of village Ghani Halim Junie.

Distribution of food packages organized on the territory of the settlement schools. Among local residents, many children, including orphans, whose fathers died during the war. To cope with their grief help the doctors. The center for conciliation of the warring parties is trying to respond to any request.

«In addition to food distribution we provide medical and psychological assistance to citizens who apply during the campaign for the necessary help. The center for conciliation and will continue to hold such shares for assistance», — said the representative of RCPS Vyacheslav Rumyantsev.

Humanitarian aid to the Russian military community and the civilians who returned to the liberated from terrorists areas of Syria. The other day two similar events held in HOMS.

Olga Oksenich, Timur Abdullaev, «TV Center».

Syrians thank Russia for humanitarian aid 18.06.2017

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