Syria painted on three

In November in Sochi hosted a meeting of leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran — Vladimir Putin, Erdogan and President Hassan Rouhani. The theme of the talks was the situation in the middle East, and Putin said that the war in Syria has actually completed. So, it’s time to take stock and to share the bonuses. And it is clear that the interests of Moscow, Tehran and Ankara are too different, so the friendly atmosphere in their dialogue on Syria will not last long.

These negotiations are reminiscent of the history — namely, the Yalta conference held in February 1945 where the fate of the postwar world. It is quite possible to compare with the talks in Sochi, if not one «but»: the U.S. delegation at the Sochi meeting was not, though States took an active part in the events in Syria.

For ten days before the Sochi negotiations, it was announced that the joint Russian-us statement on Syria. Namely, Moscow and Washington have agreed on the settlement of the situation in Syria by peaceful means within the framework of the Geneva process. Why trump did not appear among the participants of the meeting? Perhaps due to the fact that America is not so necessary to be among the winners. The American leader has repeatedly accused that it supports Moscow, and us-Iranian relations are not only far from friendly, but neutral.

According to the newspaper «Version», a friendly atmosphere, which was observed at the meeting of the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran is just an illusion and in reality each party seeks to achieve their own goals. Russia, for example, shows interest in Syrian oil and gas fields, and expects to continue to supply arms to Syria and to retain military bases on its territory. Turkey wants to solve the problem with the Kurds to get rid of the threat and to prevent the creation of Kurdish autonomy. As for Iran, it views Syria as an ally in the confrontation with Saudi Arabia and Israel. As the publication says, the parties have got their wish, with the greatest benefit secured of Iran, developing its influence in the region.

It seems that soon Moscow will have to choose between Iran and Saudi Arabia, because the king of this Arab country came to Moscow not simply so. The result of his visit was a number of contracts for astronomical sums, including the military, estimated at several billion dollars. Of course, the rapprochement between Russia and Saudi Arabia do not like nor Syria, nor Iran. However, there is information that if Bashar al-Assad will create obstacles in the cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Russia simply refuse him. Experts believe that the middle East is a way to regain superpower status and consolidate its position on the world stage. For Iran Syria is one of the priority foreign policy directions.

Recalling the events of 1945, it must be remembered that in Yalta the allied Nations has identified its zone of influence in the defeated Germany. In fact, the same thing could happen in Syria. Likely, this will be concluded the secret Treaty, and Russia, for example, will gain control of the Alawite region, where it has an agreement on military bases, Turkey, for example, will be able to occupy the North-West and to appease the Kurds, and Iran to build a military base near Damascus, which in the future will become the main pillar of the protection of Assad. Saudi Arabia, which is clearly against the attempts of Iran to strengthen its positions, continues to intervene through the «moderate» groups, and the United States want to get the airport Rumeilan, which is on the border with Iraq, to turn it into your base.

What is happening clearly indicates that the «cold war» in this case is inevitable, and as long as it is not turned into a real «hot» military conflict.

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Syria painted on three 05.12.2017

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