Syria: FSI Russian pilots showed aerobatics on su-30SM

The skill of Russian pilots in Syria struck by the Arab media. In the Internet appeared the video, which depicted as the crew of the aerospace defence forces of the Russian Federation demonstrates aerobatics in the management plan su-30CM. About it reports the edition FAN.

Photo source: — Vitaly V. Kuzmin / CC BY-SA 4.0

Published in Network video managed to collect hundreds of rave reviews, as well as reviews of Arab media, who were amazed. In the Amateur video you can see how the landing of cargo aboard military-transport aircraft Il-76 on the territory of Syria. As it turns out later, the tug was accompanied by a multi-purpose fighter su-30CM.

Photo source: — the Press service of the defense Ministry

After the load was successfully dropped, the leaves of the hatch appears the fighter, which flies so close to the Il-76 that becomes visible to the pilots of the su-30CM in the cabin. Some time later, the fighter executes an impressive maneuver, leaving the field of view.

Syria: FSI Russian pilots showed aerobatics on su-30SM 08.12.2017

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