Swedish Prosecutor Marian Nude stopped the investigation against Assange

The Swedish prosecution authority issued a statement, which reads: «the Senior Prosecutor, Marian Nude decided to stop the investigation against Assange on suspicion of rape.» This decision was made following the interrogation by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, held at the Embassy of Ecuador in London in November 2016. Prosecutors also recommended that the court cancel the previously issued arrest warrant for Assange.

However, as the reasons for the termination of the investigation are not reabilitarea base. According to the Prosecutor, Marian Nude: «there is No reason now to continue the preliminary investigation, since we have no way to ensure his personal presence. However, if he returns to Sweden until August 2020, the investigation can be resumed». In 2020, the expiration of limitations on the case.»The reason is that it took so long we were shunned,» said Marian Nude.

According to the lawyer of Assange Feather Samuelsson expressed by the Swedish radio Julian Assange may leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London at any time. He took refuge there on 19 June 2012 after Sweden had put forward a warrant for his arrest on charges of rape. Assange fears that Sweden will deport him to the US where he faces punishment up to death penalty for publishing classified documents of US state Department.

On the WikiLeaks page in Twitter says that in the case Assange «, the emphasis has shifted to the United Kingdom». The UK authorities are now able to direct an extradition request from Australian United States, reports TASS.

A resident of Sweden, who accused Julian Assange of rape, described the decision as scandalous. As stated in the letter her lawyer: «This is a scandal, accused of rape to escape justice and not to appear before the Tribunal», — quotes the text of the letter to AFP.

At the same time, according to TASS with reference to Reuters, in relation to Julian Assange is valid a warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, issued by the magistrate’s court of Westminster after he failed to appear in court on 29 June 2012. «The Metropolitan police is obliged to execute this order when he leaves the Embassy», — stated in made about this statement Scotland Yard.

Swedish Prosecutor Marian Nude stopped the investigation against Assange 19.05.2017

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