Superiority of force in Kiev called the 3 major differences the APU and the army of the Russian Federation

In Kiev decided to compare the Russian and the Ukrainian army, assessing them on three main criteria. According to Ukrainian General-Lieutenant Dmitry Umanets, Ukraine’s army if something superior to the Russian, then only «human factor». He also noted that «qualitative» comparison of the two armies, we need to evaluate them on the main indicators.

First and foremost, Umanets has proposed to consider the motivation of the military of Ukraine and Russia and to compare their level of «human factor». He stressed that Ukrainian soldiers, officers and generals are no worse than Russian, which is driven by the desire to defend their country. Supposedly this is why the morale and motivation of the Ukrainian military «much higher» than the Russian army. «And that protect the Russians and what force drives them is not entirely understood,» said Umanets, suggesting that the bulk of the Russian fighters are «random people».

Photo source: — General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is worth noting that if somewhere there are «random» people, so it is clearly in the ranks of the armed forces who systematically violate the silence regime in Donbas shelling residential areas. The intelligence services, which recorded the presence of foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian army. This happens, in particular, due to the fact that the Ukrainian soldiers refusing to fight and deserting EN masse from positions in the contact line. Others flee the country during the next recruiting wave. In the case of the Russian army, things are the opposite: military service is a prestigious and for the vast majority of young people the «slope» of the army is a matter unworthy of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The level of patriotism and desire to defend their country in Russia is much higher than in Ukraine.

Umanets also called the second comparison criterion to soldiers of the Russian Federation and Ukraine — weapons. Here he began to dissemble and acknowledged that Kiev is very far from Moscow on the issue. If the Russian army uses the equipment of new generation, and its power is assessed as «fire and forget», at the disposal of the APU only obsolete military machine to which the state did not have enough money.

Photo source: Ministry of defence — Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

And the last factor evaluation system control of the army. Here Lieutenant-General stressed that in Ukraine there is no clear certainty, and the men don’t even know who controls their actions during the so-called anti-terrorist operation — the chief of the General staff, the head of the SBU or Manager of a joint operations command. Because of this, the Ukrainian army suffered many defeats in the Donbas, including Debaltseve and Ilovaisk boiler. In «Russia with this case everything is much better,» admitted Umanets.

Superiority of force in Kiev called the 3 major differences the APU and the army of the Russian Federation 31.10.2017

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