«Styrofoam» planet KELT-11b has scientists baffled

Every year scientists prove the existence of new planets, which was not previously known to man. Open each celestial body is different from his «colleagues» to shape or color. However, there are planets, on which scientific minds prefer to remain silent.

For example, the celestial object, whose name CFBDSIR 2149-0403, was discovered in 2012. The atmosphere of this planet was not on site and arrived in a constant moving state. However, more researchers were struck by the planet KELT-11b, the density of which resembled a foam. This celestial object is 320 light years from Earth and its weight is five times less than Jupiter, despite the fact that it exceeds the size of Jupiter to eight times.

Most likely the reason is the loose atmosphere, hence the comparison with the foam. The scientists also found that in a short time KELT-11b to evaporate and the energy «eat» exoplanet, which at the moment revolves around him.

«Styrofoam» planet KELT-11b has scientists baffled 20.06.2017

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