Stone in the garden of the US: Russia concludes a bargain gas deal in isolation

News Agency RIA Novosti, citing a statement by Bahrain’s Ambassador to Russia Ahmad al-Saati said that Bahrain is counting on deliveries of Russian «blue fuel» in their Kingdom 2019.

The Arab politician said the data on the volume of trade fuels, but stressed that supply will be quite large. The diplomat noted that the trade relations will be possible after the completion of the terminal for receiving LNG in Bahrain. Noteworthy is the fact that this terminal will be the first in the Kingdom. Construction should be completed in 2018.

Ahmed al-Saati said that at present, has signed a contract with the Russian oil company «Gazprom». The sides are discussing technical issues of fuel supply tankers.

The fact of cooperation of Russia and Bahrain in the gas industry clearly proves that sanctions and the economic blockade of the West – ineffective steps, which lead to the loss of the initiators of pressure. Russia even under difficult conditions were able to diversify customers and conclude favorable contracts for the supply of fuel.

The new contract is a dig at the U.S., where former President Barack Obama told about the isolation of Russia and torn to shreds the Russian economy. Perhaps, with each new trade Treaty between the Russian Federation and other foreign government (which happens often), Obama rotates around its axis faster and faster, and soon all the speed forms a strobe effect.

Stone in the garden of the US: Russia concludes a bargain gas deal in isolation 18.06.2017

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