Stoke will blacks: Kiev intends to «squeeze out» coal from America

According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of energy Igor Nasalik, Ukraine decided to completely abandon coal, «the aggressor», and Kiev intends to buy the resource from other countries-suppliers. Thus, the country is already moving party solid hydrocarbons from Africa, however, the supply from Africa is not limited. Kiev intends to buy coal from Kazakhstan and the United States.

It is expected that on may 23 Ukraine there will arrive a working group to negotiate contracts on American life.

However, whether all so rosy as it describes Nasalik? The Minister clearly does not want to voice the fact that such a purchase will cost almost two times more expensive than coal, which previously came from the Donbass. So, one ton of coal costing the African «Independence» of $ 100, and the Donbass high resource cost for the same weight of 56 dollars. The decision of the radicals that blocked in January 2017, the supply of hydrocarbons from the DNI, played with Ukraine a cruel joke. Now the country needs to pay from the budget round sum, while the economy clearly is getting stronger and yet the costs are not justified. Before the start of the infamous events of Kiev bought coal from Russia and South Africa, but now the authorities intend to maximize to abandon the «all Russian», even if such actions sink the economy.

Deliveries of coal from Kazakhstan and the United States hardly will be cheaper, so called «Peremoga» this decision is extremely difficult.

Stoke will blacks: Kiev intends to «squeeze out» coal from America 19.05.2017

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