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Stickers and labels – one of the best types of indoor and outdoor advertising. They are simple and easy to use, and also does not require high material costs. The materials used for their production are non-toxic. Another undeniable plus stickers and labels unobtrusively attract the attention of the consumer.

But, like any other type of promotional products, decals and stickers have their disadvantages, the main of which is their fragility, to order the stickers. When used externally the operating period not more than 5 years indoors they will last a little longer.

Features the manufacture of labels and stickers

Printing labels and stickers are produced on polymer materials or paper. Paper products are low cost, but its use for outdoor advertising is impractical. In addition, it is not very convenient to use, which can be difficult when upgrading from one sticker to another. The use of special types of paper (moisture resistant, synthetic, alkali-resistant) and lamination can help to protect promotional products from moisture and other harmful factors.

The particular practicality and durability different decals and stickers made of PVC, polyester or polypropylene films. They are resistant to temperature changes and harmful effects to the environment.

Basic printing methods

Technology for manufacturing stickers and labels provides the following types of printing:

  • High print. Is of excellent quality and quite high cost. As a rule, used for the manufacture of stickers premium with a small circulation.
  • Offset printing. In the manufacture of large circulation have a low cost, and the quality of printed products is excellent.
  • Flexography. The best option for printing small or medium batches of promotional products. Features low cost and good quality (slightly below offset printing).
  • Digital printing. Allows you to make stickers and labels of excellent quality in a short time.
  • Deep print. Expensive technology, used for printing large quantities of printed products of excellent quality.

As for the size, for the manufacture of labels and stickers can be applied and large format printing. Due to the variety of modern technologies of printing companies will be able to choose an individual option under the budget of every customer.

Stickers, labels and stickers, printing, use of 06.04.2017

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