Stephen king compared the tramp with a Dementor

Writer Stephen king has compared Donald trump with the impulsive 15-year-olds and said that he has «something of the Dementor» from the Harry Potter books. King openly opposed the presidency, trump, and the last blocked writer on Twitter.

American writer Stephen king has compared US President Donald trump with the Dementors of the novels of Joanne Rowling on the wizard Harry Potter.

Well, I’m not the Donald’s #1 fan, so that lets out Annie Wilkes. I think he’s got more of a Dementor vibe.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) June 15, 2017

«Well, I am not a fan of trump, so let’s not talk about Annie Wilkes. I think it has more something of a Dementor,» wrote king in his Twitter. So he responded to a request from Rowling to assess the degree of insanity in the United States on the scale of Annie Wilkes (the heroine of the novel king’s «misery» – approx. ed.)

The writer also called trump 15-year-old hot-tempered teenager with a license to drive an 18-wheel truck.

Trump as president is like an impulsive, hot-headed 15-year-old with an 18-wheeler trucker’s license.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) June 15, 2017

Earlier, king said that can’t read Twitter US President due to the fact that he made it in the «black spikok». The writer openly opposed his presidency and believes that «the trump access to the nuclear button worse than any written horror».

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Stephen king compared the tramp with a Dementor 17.06.2017

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