«Steel force» Putin: fears and myths of the West

Special forces of the Soviet Union has long been one of the most mysterious structures in the world. This mystery has arisen not only because of the standard in such cases of secrecy, but also from behind the Iron curtain. Very little information that comes to fans of militarism in the West, versed almost to the letter, and immediately acquired a mass of dodumki and interpretations. It is not surprising that this practice eventually led to the emergence of a mass of myths and legends of the invincible Soviet «Terminators», which passed already, the Russian special forces.

The vast majority of cases, these myths are quite positive and reflect our «universal soldier» as a professional, desperate and extremely hardy fighters. However, in a situation when Europe can’t wait for the Russian invasion, such myths is not the place. To correct the situation decided the ABC journalists who tried to «humanize» Russian commandos and tell them about the «true truth». In his article on «Steel force» Putin Caesar Servers by major special forces of the FSB and GRU on a scale of Western values, in order to debunk all the myths of the invincible enemy literally «a few days before the invasion.» This article in Europe proved to be quite popular, so let’s see, what failed to disclose to the Spanish experts.

The first sight of a «visionary» journalist got the GRU. If story structure is Tesco the great Roman Emperor introduced their readers pretty well, but with modern GRU he let their imagination wild. So, with the light hand of the journalist of the Russian reconnaissance and sabotage unit have become real spies. Perhaps the Server was confused by the word «intelligence» in the name of the structure and attributed to the tasks of the special forces espionage, counter-insurgency and the organization of their in enemy territory, organizing terrorist attacks, as well as the elimination of the members of the government of the enemy.

However, such unique tasks, and are thus myth, which try so hard to dispel in Europe. Moreover, further description of the structure units of the GRU is somewhat contrary to this myth about the killers, the GRU, or Vice versa is increased. So, the Server notes that the GRU assigned to each of the Russian fleet, but the amazing thing is that these «liquidators» in each fleet, over a thousand people. By and large, it turns out that just getting to these forces across the border to destroy the entire ruling elite of the West.

But even more surprising is that the ABC journalist compares the GRU special forces from the American «Sea lions». There is a reasonable question, do the Spanish believe that American special forces is prepared for such terrorist attacks? Whatever it was, but the comparison task of the special forces of the two powers really relevant, only the passion for «horror stories» interrupted the Spaniard to do it right. In fact, the GRU’s elite army intelligence and performs her tasks, but have significantly better training. Active sabotage in the frontline of the enemy, the definition of targets for artillery and aircraft and intelligence. To do unique tasks Grushnikov include the capture of strategic objectives, such as launchers of nuclear weapons, as well as the organization of classical guerrilla groups. About any espionage, and especially the murder of high-ranking officials are not talking.

But the GRU was for Server to warm up. Next got under the hand of the FSB special forces. The man did not wait, and immediately rushed off the bat, saying that the FSB special forces «alpha» and «Vympel» are subordinate to the interior Ministry. Traditionally, the author almost did not lie. In the post-Soviet Vympel really became subordinate to the interior Ministry, but it is almost destroyed and after some time Control «In» back in the submission to the FSB.

Tasks of the Departments «A» and «b», according to the Spaniard, too, was specific. So, the counter-terrorism activities «alpha» is was just a cover, and in fact, they were actually prepared to «orange revolutions». What happened in Afghanistan, in the storming of Amin’s Palace. However, in fact, Control «A» was formed long before the events in Afghanistan as a reaction to the massacre at the Munich Olympics. As for the assault darca Amina, the «alpha» really participated in it, but drew her to this RAID only because the storming of buildings they were not equal. The rest of the story is fighters Control «And» due solely to rescuing hostages.

Similarly is the case with the Office. «Vympelovtsy» much more suited to the role of those spies from the myth of the GRU. These fighters are really prepared to work abroad, so each of them owned two or three languages, and the work attracted immigrants from many different countries – Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, Poland and others. But their main task in the Soviet Union was zazhityh Soviet citizens abroad, where it is not always possible to act legally in that difficult time. In our days the «Vympel» is responsible for the release of the terrorists strategic targets such as hydroelectric or nuclear power plants. Any espionage.

As noted by one of the former employees, described by Spanish newspaper agencies, who asked for obvious reasons not to be named, the entire article was created with one purpose – to raise the topic of the tragedy in Beslan, and everything else is just tinsel stupid.

Indeed, as one of the ways to «humanize» the steel forces Putin Caesar Server chose a story about the events in Beslan. In order to debunk the myth of the invincibility of the sinister Russian special forces, the journalist was convicted of «alpha» in the largest failure in the history of the special forces of the world. The reason for such loud statements lost commandos. However, the Spaniard forgets that none of the other counter-terrorism units did not conduct operations of this magnitude. More than 30 terrorists, including suicide bombers, it took the center school and took in hostages more than thousand people, most of whom were children. This challenge was not raised before the longer one forces in the world. And during the assault, soldiers were dying not because of bugs, and protecting their bodies children. They closed the corridors, shooting the machine guns of the terrorists covered their own bodies, grenades and a dozen wounds continued to withdraw children from occupied schools. If the operation is a failure, it would be nice to hear from the editors about ABC, as do the more «successful» group, but I’m afraid Caesar has Servers no such examples.

«Steel force» Putin: fears and myths of the West 14.03.2017

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