Space closer: NASA began testing the life support system from SpaceX

Experts from the space Agency NASA began testing the life support system created by SpaceX. Currently assessed its suitability for flight on the International space station (ISS).

In NASA noted that the life support system will be introduced in the near future, and in 2018 will be the first flight of the Crew Dragon capsules with this instrument. It is known that the name of this equipment – ECLSS (environmental control and life support). Currently, scientists from NASA are working with a prototype vehicle that is as close to real vehicles, and the experts from SpaceX continue to work on the space ship.

Agency officials noted that before the first flight Crew Dragon still a lot of work. NASA still needs to test space vehicle and certify it, then he will be admitted to the flight, which will occur on the Falcon 9 rocket. Experts note that the life-support system must operate well-functioning and clearly, as it is responsible for the lives of the astronauts.

Recall support system – a group of devices that support the life of the crew. It consists of different parameters: pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, humidity, different allocation, food consumption and more. All these conditions must be met for the duration of the flight.

Space closer: NASA began testing the life support system from SpaceX 13.03.2017

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