Sociologists found out which kind of sport pick the wrong men

Scientists drew a parallel between sports and male infidelity. It turned out that the representatives of the stronger sex, who prefer command-and extreme sports, the most prone to cheating. And leaders of infidelity have become lovers of travel.

The most loyal and devoted spouses choose solitary sports, but it does not give an absolute guarantee that such men never look at other people’s women. All the same, the decisive factor is the character chosen. But, however, if fans of solo games and will «go left», he will not hide behind sports.

For the study surveyed nearly a thousand men. The survey showed that men who play as a team, often used to cover up the cheating sports. Especially if he is in Golf, football and Rugby.

This is due to the fact that during active games, the man produces a large amount of testosterone, which provokes sexual desire.

But lovers of extreme sports are drawn to the thrill, they often carry on personal life and sexual relations.

First among apostate, according to the survey, were travelers. This is due to a long separation from a partner and the impact of new cultures that can influence the psychology of men.

Sociologists found out which kind of sport pick the wrong men 22.04.2017

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