Sobyanin: VDNKH is experiencing a rebirth

Restoration work at ENEA will be completed in late 2018. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin during the visit the Park and inspect the progress of restoration works of the historic pavilions of the exhibition.

ENEA is experiencing a rebirth. This was told on Friday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

«At ENEA began the second wave of renovation the largest exhibition in the country complex. In the first stage, we performed an emergency operation, put things in order, began to hold mass events, launched a series of pavilions. On the second wave have the most complex and painstaking work is teaching the restoration 37 the historical pavilions. This volume of restoration works Moscow did not know», — quotes the words of the mayor of AGN «Moscow».

According to Sobyanin, for children at ENEA, will create a leisure complex including a large Ferris wheel. «I’m sure in two to three years ENEA is one of the best exhibition, entertainment, Museum, historical sites in the world,» Sobyanin concluded.

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Sobyanin: VDNKH is experiencing a rebirth 30.09.2017

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