Sobyanin: road construction on highway of Enthusiasts came to the finish line

Road construction North-East Expressway in the section from the Izmailovo highway to highway of Enthusiasts came to the finish line. This year the track will open for motorists. How pass works at the final stage, on Monday checked the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

More than 20 miles of roads, 15 bridges, 5 pedestrian crossings. The most difficult section of the North-Western chord from Entuziastov highway to Izmailovsky is in the final stages of construction. Completed 85 percent of the work. On Monday, the object inspected Sergei Sobyanin, reports «TV Center».

«Complex 15 overpasses in the area of highway of Enthusiasts, which for many years creates quite a complex traffic problem. This year we are completing these works, so the highway of Enthusiasts, in Perovo and several other adjacent streets, the situation will change radically,» said the mayor.

Based on footage from Izmailovskoye shosse Entuziastov taken the fourth ring road project. The idea of building a new ring road refused, however, all that has been done before, integrated into the new project. The road along the ICC will be one of the ligaments in the North-East Expressway.

«At the moment, running for several flyovers and a plot of the chord to Izmailovsky highway. As well as the exit of the Expressway to the highway of Enthusiasts in the center and in the direction of the field. We are on the interchange, which in September will be launched. Will be Perovskoy to pass on the prospectus of Budyonny», — told the Deputy project Manager Oleg Anisimov.

Current traffic situation on the highway of Enthusiasts is most apparent with the new rack. With high probability it can be argued that many motorists need to get on the third ring, to then pass to other outbound routes. With the introduction of the North-East Expressway to do so will not have to.

The North-East Expressway is free of traffic lights, the line length of 35 kilometers, which originates from the toll motorway Moscow-Petersburg and stretches to the intersection of the Moscow ring road with the Ryazan highway. Chord crosses shosse Entuziastov and Izmailovsky, Shchelkovo, Dmitrovsky, Altufievskoe and open. Has already been built from businovskaya interchange to Festivalnaya street from Izmailovsky to Shchelkovo highway, except under the tunnel project. We are now building a road from the highway Enthusiasts to Izmailovo and from Festivalnaya street to Dmitrovskoe highway. The largest road facility will become the new cross track, covering many Northern and Eastern areas of the capital.

«In Moscow continues to be a great road-building project. Currently being built about 100 kilometers of complex engineering structures, roads, underground tunnels, flyovers, overpasses over the railway and pedestrian crossings above ground and underground. Built such major highway as the North-West and North-East Expressway, the Kaluga highway, a number of other local objects,» — said Sobyanin.

At the same time with this trunk on the West of the capital built the same chord. The two paths are not connected and do not intersect. However greatly relieve the ring road. It is estimated that with the launch of the North-East Expressway to the ring road will be freer in the quarter, the citywide mileage be reduced by 40 thousand cars per hour. Areas of major objects put into operation in stages. Most will be open next year.

Paul Prokopenko, «TV Center».

Sobyanin: road construction on highway of Enthusiasts came to the finish line 23.05.2017

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