Sobyanin has increased social payments from 2018

The city government increased from 2018, the majority of social benefits. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Authorities of the capital have significantly increased the majority of social benefits in 2018. The decision was taken during meeting of Presidium of city government, reports the Agency «Moscow».

«We are talking primarily about increasing the minimum pension in Moscow pensioners from 14.5 thousand to 17,5 thousand roubles. It is also about increasing social welfare payments to needy families with children, three to five times increase themselves cash monthly payments. It is also about the increase in monthly allowances for children in large families, which increase in two times,» — said Sobyanin.

According to him, most of the other social benefits also increases two and more times.

Sobyanin has increased social payments from 2018 31.10.2017

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