Snipers APU Okueva told how Ukraine to «stop» Russia

In an interview to Ukrainian media, a former member of the ATO from Chechnya, sniper Amina Okueva told what kind of fatal mistake in the time allowed, the Ukraine, and that could now «save» the country from «Russian aggression».

According to Okueva, the main advantage of Russia, which enables it to have influence in the world is nuclear weapons. She expressed the hope that it has long «rusted» and unusable because of lack of maintenance. However, tasnica and did not rule out the fact that Soviet arms made 60-70 years ago, is still «able bombanut», so Ukraine should not write him off. «We need to calculate the maximum damage that they (the Russians – ed.) can apply, and to act on it.»

A woman sniper added that due to nuclear weapons the whole world is afraid to go in direct confrontation with Russia. She complained that Ukraine surrendered its nuclear capability, as this would be the only deterrent to Moscow could «overcome.» «Someone was trespassing would be, knowing that we have a nuclear Arsenal.» Now the country is to achieve recognition «only due to the heroism of their fighters,» not without frustration summed up atonica.

Snipers APU Okueva told how Ukraine to «stop» Russia 20.05.2017

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