SK has denied a hidden motive for the attack on the journalist Felgenhauer

The investigation is considering only one version of the attack on a leading «echo of Moscow» Tatiana Felgengauer — unstable psyche of the attacker. Version of any hidden motives of the crime are not wealthy.

The investigative Committee has denied allegations about the hidden underpinnings of the attack on a leading radio station «Echo of Moscow», reports TASS referring to official representative SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

The consequence considers as the only version of the incident is the mental instability of Boris grits, attacked the journalist. At present his mental state is set by experts.

Previously, the investigators conducted the first interview with Felgenhauer. The interrogation lasted long because the journalist it’s hard to talk. Today she was transferred from intensive care to a regular room.

It became known yesterday that the investigation follows the two versions in the investigation of the attack on a leading «echo of Moscow» Tatiana Felgengauer. The first is the result of a mental imbalance of the attacker, the second is a planned action with the use of a man prepared to kill.

On 23 October, an Israeli citizen Boris grits entered the office of the radio station on Novy Arbat, where he attacked the journalist and struck her a blow with a knife in the neck. The assailant was arrested a security guard of the radio station. He was charged with attempted murder. Presnensky court of Moscow on Tuesday concluded the grits into custody until December 23.

Grits partially admitted his guilt, saying that he was going to kill the lead. Russian investigators intend to ask the Israel medical documentation on the Grits, who claimed that the journalist was «stalking him for two months» through «telepathic contact». The grits is appointed is judicial-psychiatric examination.

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SK has denied a hidden motive for the attack on the journalist Felgenhauer 26.10.2017

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