Siemens is afraid of the EU and requires the return of his turbine from the Crimea

The group from Germany Siemens has accused the company «Tekhnopromexport», included in the structure of rostec, deception and illicit supply of, purchased from the German company’s turbines in the Crimea, on the territory of which is subject to the EU sanctions. About it at session of the Moscow Arbitration court, which deals with the so-called «case of the Crimean turbines,» said Siemens representatives, said «the Economy today». According to the testimony of an employee of the German company of Michael Mann on the court, the Russian side allegedly it was stated that the turbines are being purchased for installation on the Russian mainland, in the town of Taman, however, the equipment was transferred to the Crimea.

Rostec in turn accused the German company of trying to undermine Russia’s sovereignty. Representatives of Rostec also said that such actions can be regarded as interference in the internal economic processes of the country and also questioning the «free movement of goods in the territory of the country.»
According to the representative of the TPE contract group Siemens, which goes to trial, involves contradicting the legislation of the Russian Federation of conditions. The goal was «to force a Russian legal entity to comply with sanctions imposed by the EU, but to keep the business in Russia.»
As noted, both sides are interested to continue cooperation: German concern profitable to be a supplier of turbines to Russia, and «assistance» in the transition to the domestic equipment can not lose already signed a contract.
As the expert assumed, «the Economy today», the parties do not intend to break off relations and the court for Siemens nothing more than an attempt to «save face» to the EU and to assure compliance with sanctions. The next meeting is scheduled for December 14.

Siemens is afraid of the EU and requires the return of his turbine from the Crimea 05.12.2017

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