Shops cut prices of eggs and fish on New year’s eve

Trading network on the eve of New year and Christmas start the season promotional discounts on premium goods. Seasonal decline in prices is expected for caviar and expensive fish, reports news Agency Prime. Analysts predict that low prices for these products will remain after the Christmas holidays.

Previously there was a spike in these types of products due to the high demand of Western consumers and better terms of sales on the foreign markets for Russian fishermen. At the moment, there are no factors that would lead to higher prices of fish and caviar, the Director of the Fish Union Sergey Gudkov.

«Now other factors — the activity of retail networks, which should attract the consumer, and what is not a discount,» — said Gudkov. While discounts are, in his opinion, were already established in long-term contracts.

About the opinion of the expert to retain lower prices for the entire year with the necessary improvements at the legislative level, otherwise rabeprozole so will be looking for more lucrative contracts abroad. In order that consumers find in the stores cheap seafood, the state has a variety of mechanisms: taxes, fees, advertising, distribution of quotas. «The issue that we have with the prices is not to the fishermen and not to the companies that operate in the domestic market and the state», — said Gudkov.

Shops cut prices of eggs and fish on New year’s eve 05.12.2017

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