Shoigu told about the imminent end of the war in Syria

Russia has dealt a serious blow to international terrorism in Syria and prevent the disintegration of the country. This was stated by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, speaking in the state Duma. According to him, the introduction of ceasefire in Syria actually stopped a civil war which has lasted since 2011.

About the latest achievements of Russian military in Syria, Sergei Shoigu has reported to deputies of the State Duma, reports «TV Center». According to the Minister of defence, after the introduction of ceasefire in the Arab country has virtually halted civil war. This allowed us to join efforts in the fight against terrorists.

«Only this year from militants freed 1780 square kilometers of Syrian territory, and 53 settlements. Showed its high efficiency force special operations and special forces units. They play a key role in the elimination of terrorist leaders, destroy critical enemy targets and the adjustment of the strikes of our aviation», — said Sergey Shoigu.

Shoigu told about the imminent end of the war in Syria 23.02.2017

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