Shocked penquin gave a $ 100 repair DC BMZ Bryansk

Famous Russian singer Sergey Penkin shocked the state in which is located the building of the DC BMZ Bryansk. About it reports information portal «Our Bransky» with reference to the statement of the musician, which he made during his speech in the city.

As it became known, the artist unpleasantly surprised at the condition in which is one of the cultural institutions of Bryansk. It’s right from the stage spoke about the dilapidated toilets, dilapidated and unsightly walls of the second floor lobby.

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It is reported that penquin urged the city authorities to look at this building and show respect for the audience and the artists who come to performances in Bryansk. The singer has demanded from city administration to repair the DC BMZ, and also invited all the stars who come to concerts in Bryansk, «chip in $ 100» for repair companies. The singer said that he intends after the concert, the first to donate money for the building.

Shocked penquin gave a $ 100 repair DC BMZ Bryansk 08.12.2017

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