Shares of «Gazprom» grew after Putin’s words about the «Turkish stream»

Vladimir Putin’s statement about the Turkish stream, made after talks with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has influenced the action «Gazprom». As reported by RIA-Novosti, once a leader of the Russian Federation pronounced the sacred words, the stock began to rise, as if by a magic wand.

About six o’clock in the evening of 9 August the increase amounted to 0,41%, an increase of 0.20 %. During the talks, which were attended by not only leaders, but members of delegations from Russia and from Turkey, the Russian side has heard from Erdogan, that Ankara has already made a positive decision on the resumption of the implementation of the project Turkish stream.

Moreover, the head of Turkey promised that not only will he bring the matter to an end, but will try to do everything to speed up the process. For Turkey, told the news Agency «National news expert, head of the center of Asia and the Middle East of the Russian Institute of research, Anna Glazova, is a very profitable project: «Implementation of the «Turkish stream» is another major step to transform Turkey into a powerful energy hub. This project is very beneficial to the Turkish leadership». Details in the article «the South stream and Turkish: Bulgaria and Russia will discuss the resumption of construction, the benefit of Turkey.»


Shares of «Gazprom» grew after Putin’s words about the «Turkish stream» 09.08.2016

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