Sergey Aksenov said about the insignificant impact of sanctions on Crimean economy

The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the effect of EU sanctions on the economy of the Peninsula is void. The politician on his personal page in Facebook said that not surprised by this decision. Aksenov stressed that this decision is a shame for Europe as EU political leaders to punish the Crimean people for their free choice, their will. According to the Crimean Chapter, such a policy could lead to international chaos and anarchy.

Also Sergey Aksenov said that for the last three years, the Russian Crimea was visited by dozens of foreign delegations, including the Peninsula arrived hundreds of politicians, businessmen, journalists. Due to this, public opinion in the EU started to change, some investors even began to prepare the ground for future cooperation, although not flaunt it openly. All this will eventually lead to the lifting of sanctions, because Europe will not be economically profitable to exist without interaction with the Crimea.

It should be noted that Crimea is one of the most dynamically developing regions. The economy sure continues to strengthen its positions, the tourism industry firmly took the leading position and develops by leaps and bounds, and investors are increasingly paying attention to the Peninsula. Moreover, de facto sanctions on Crimea do not apply. Yes adopted by the EU measures create significant difficulties for trade with the outside world, but workarounds to block and failed. So the lifting of economic restrictions will increase the growth rate, but will not be something extraordinary for allegedly exhausted by sanctions Crimea.

Sergey Aksenov said about the insignificant impact of sanctions on Crimean economy 19.06.2017

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