Separately Crimea, Donbass: Ukraine figured out how to resolve the conflict

The President of the Ukrainian foreign policy Association Volodymyr Khandogiy in an interview to the edition «Apostrophe» said that the issue of «annexation of Crimea», the Kiev authorities needs to be addressed separately from the situation in the Donbas.

In his opinion, in the case of Crimea everything is clear — the situation is in the coordinate system of international judicial organizations. Says Khandogiy, this is evidenced by the fact that Western politicians did not recognize the legitimacy of the «annexation of Crimea» in connection with what did not happen and the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions. The Ukrainian expert stressed that the referendum in Crimea is nothing but a «violation of international law» — the analyst easily dismissed and ignored human right to expression, enshrined in many constitutions of countries of the world.

However, a strong belief the head of the Ukrainian foreign policy Association that the Crimean issue should be resolved only in the international legal field, and only there has the perspective that allows us to hope that this will prevent the Ukrainian authorities in the future from hasty action on the Peninsula.

Volodymyr Khandogiy noted the need to separate the issues of the Crimea and the situation in the South-East of the country. The analyst believes that such attempts to solve both problems at once will only «hamper the achievement of results».

The main problem in this approach, it considers that a decision on the Donbass is in political and military context, while in the Crimea in the legal field. As summed up Volodymyr Khandogiy, that is why he is «against attempts to include the problems of the Crimea in the peace process in the Donbas.»

Separately Crimea, Donbass: Ukraine figured out how to resolve the conflict 01.03.2017

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