Selection of quality led bulbs for home lighting

The average service life, led bulbs can last up to 15 years, depending on conditions of use.

On the lighting market today presented a large number of different LED bulbs from different manufacturers. In order to make the right choice and choose high-quality led lighting, you should be familiar with the principle of operation of lamps of this type, by the peculiarities of their manufacture and operation.

You first need to understand the terminology used in the lighting industry. For led lamps, as a measure of brightness used watts (W) and lumens (LM). A comparison between LED bulb and incandescent lamp brightness, we can say that led light bulb 10 watts corresponds to the incandescent lamp 60 watts. The efficiency of LED lamps leaves no doubt.

Another important characteristic of LED lamps is the color. Colors produced by lamps is quite broad: from all sorts of shades of white and yellow, to bright colors such as blue, red, green, and others. To see the full color spectrum of led lamps you can on our website.

Another important parameter is the type of dimmer (dimmer lighting). In different lighting used dimmers of different characteristics. In advance make sure that the dimmer switch used in the chandelier, or lighting device compatible with a specific type of bulb.

The importance of proper placement of lamps in the room or on the illuminated area. For use in indoor and outdoor are different LED lamps.

To prevent excessive heat, the led bulb is equipped with special radiators, allowing the surrounding air to effectively cool the LEDs. Thanks to the cooling system, LED bulbs do not get hot and last longer than other lamps.

However, when the cooling stopping construction of the chandelier, or the close shade, the lamp can overheat and fail.

Important for long-term operation of led Lam has the correct selection and installation of lighting. Before buying lamps it is important to learn the characteristics of LED lamps and nuances associated with their use.

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Selection of quality led bulbs for home lighting 18.11.2016

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