Secretary of the air force of the USA has told about the reasons of fear of Russia

The USA consider Russia as threat number one, the Minister said, this country air force Deborah Lee James. According to her, Moscow is dangerous for Washington «nuclear aspect». Also, the American side was concerned about the incidents involving aircraft of this country and the Russian space forces.

Russia is the number one threat to the U.S., said Secretary of the air force of this country Deborah Lee James. About it reports TASS.

«Russia is the number one threat to the United States. We have a number of threats that we’re dealing with, but Russia because of the nuclear aspect could pose an existential threat,» she said in an interview with Reuters.

In addition, she stressed that Washington is seriously concerned about the cases of American planes intercept Russian. Also in the US, watching the activity of Russia in cyberspace.

In turn, Deputy Minister of defense procurement, technology and logistics Frank Kendall also noted its concern about «the Russian question». According to him, earlier, Washington was monitoring the situation in the Asia-Pacific region and the middle East. However, the US is now increasingly focused on Russia, whose behavior, in his opinion, «was the reason for the revision is needed to balance us opportunities.»

Also, Reuters notes that were interviewed a number of other representatives of the Pentagon. They noted that Moscow’s actions affected the ongoing project of the defense budget for 2018. In this case, it can make changes after the inauguration of US President Donald trump on January 20. In the end he will present to Congress in April, not February as usual.

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Secretary of the air force of the USA has told about the reasons of fear of Russia 05.12.2016

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