Scientists told how to use Bicycle to reduce the risk of death

Research staff from the University of Glasgow in the UK found that Cycling significantly reduces the risk of death. According to the research, which was conducted by British scientists, the daily Cycling reduces the likelihood of developing cancer by 45%. The development of cardiovascular disease is reduced by half.

To such conclusions scientists have reached in the process of monitoring the condition of about 260 thousands of Britons in middle age. During the studies died 37 cyclists, but that number could increase to 63 in that case, if other people use for travel only by car or public transport.

After collecting information about the participants of the experiment, the research staff determined that walking as riding, significantly reduces the risk of mortality. However, the threat of cancer and heart disease have prefer Hiking people remain. With a healthy body and better circulation of blood, scientists have discovered the inhabitants of the suburbs who have to commute to work by bike about five miles.

The researchers urge people to pay more attention to physical activity. According to them, bike rides even for short distances more beneficial than walking or using transport.

Earlier, scientists have discovered why cancer cells spread in the human body.

Scientists told how to use Bicycle to reduce the risk of death 21.04.2017

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