Scientists told about the unusual influence of the hormone of happiness for men

Scientists came to the conclusion that the hormone oxytocin not only gives a sense of satisfaction and takes away the anxiety, but also promotes spirituality.

To confirm his hypothesis, experts conducted an experiment, which involved 80 men. All subjects were asked to use a special spray for the nose.

Thus one part of the volunteers received the spray with a solution of oxytocin, the second — with plain water.

The results really surprised researchers. Those men who got the drug with the hormone, there was a need for spiritual development. In addition, they began to say that religion binds all people.

Note that the effect of oxytocin was maintained during the week after the experiment.

The founder of the Orthodox public movement «God’s will» Dmitry Larionov (Enteo) commented in an interview with news Agency «National news» statement by foreign scientists.

«It is important to understand that all such «studies» are the occult myths that we are trying to implement under the guise of science. If a person is to introduce doses of psychedelics or to provide him with sensory deprivation or to influence him with the help of psychophysical practices, he may indeed experience a mystical experience. All this is quite widely studied since the early 60’s last century.

Or if the person to inject hormones, thereby inhibiting the normal operation of its serotonin receptors, also can achieve the mysterious effect. But this has nothing to do with Christian mysticism. Moreover, according to Christian teaching, these are all poor experiences that can lead to serious spiritual and mental injuries. We commonly see doing the rehabilitation,» — said the expert.

Scientists told about the unusual influence of the hormone of happiness for men 04.10.2016

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