Scientists: sex in old age can kill a man

How men and women in old age affects the sex, decided to set scientists.

Scientists from the University of Michigan (USA) examined the medical data of more than 2,000 people, whose age has passed for 57 years.

As it turned out, sex has a different impact on men and older women.

Men who had sex one times a week more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease, compared with their peers who were less sexually active.

In addition, men who did not refuse sex even in old age, the risk of heart attack or stroke were almost two times higher than the rest.

Scientists believe that all the matter in excessive load on the cardiovascular system during pleasure, as well as the use of drugs to improve sexual function.

But with women the situation was different. Lovely ladies who had sex after retirement, much less experienced hypertension.

Scientists: sex in old age can kill a man 11.09.2016

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