Scientists: nostalgia can improve a person’s life

An international group of scientists found out, what is the impact on people’s nostalgia. For this, the researchers conducted a study in which they interviewed several hundred people. Respondents were asked to answer questions related to the moments of their past lives. While the focus of scientists focused on these «markers» as familiar objects, sounds, and smells can revive memories.

During the study, experts noted that people feel nostalgia contributed to the strengthening of relations with other participants. According to the observations of scientists, inhale the aromas of and listening to audio recordings that evoked warm memories, improved mood and General emotional background of people.

According to researchers, nostalgia also has a positive effect on creative thinking. However, scientists recommend not to indulge in nostalgic feelings while shopping. Sinking into himself, man begins to treat lightly of its spending.

Scientists: nostalgia can improve a person’s life 23.10.2016

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