Scientists have shown that early rises are harmful to mental health

American scientists have shown that early rises cause great harm to the psychological health of the person.

Researchers of the University of Texas conducted a major study, which involved several hundred residents of the United States.

As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that people, who have to get up early in the morning to go to work or school, after the day you feel tired and irritable.

According to scientists, this phenomenon is associated with disruption of natural biological rhythm of the body. If forced awakening in the morning becomes a daily practice, there is a risk that man will begin to suffer from problems related to mental or nervous system.

The researchers advise employers not to close their eyes to the biological clock of their employees and to allow the owls to get up a few hours later.

Director of psychological center «Personality» Lyudmila Polenova commented in an interview with news Agency «National news» statement by foreign scientists.

«I absolutely agree with their conclusions. So, when they began to experiment with the clocks, dramatically increased the number of mental health problems in children and adults.

In addition, there are owls and larks so violent a change in biological clock can have an extremely negative impact on the body.

It is also proved that in adolescence to get up before nine o’clock in the morning is generally very harmful and dangerous. That is why never put the first lesson, test or exam.»

Scientists have shown that early rises are harmful to mental health 18.10.2016

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