Scientists have discovered two exoplanets giant size

Sources report that scientists have managed to open two new exoplanets are giant size. A group of astronomer doing research and discovered space objects the mass of Saturn. Furthermore, it is known that these bodies revolve around red dwarfs of spectral class M.

It is noteworthy that the discovery was made by astronomers who are engaged in projects of Optical Experiment about Gravitational Lensing. Experts work with a 1.3 m telescope located at the Observatory of Las Campanas in Chile and 1.8 m telescope of the Observatory at mount John in New Zealand.

The researchers emphasized that their main goal is to study the formation of planets near the stars. Note that the exoplanet was named OGLE-2013-BLG-0132b and OGLE-2013-BLG-1721b. Currently, experts continue to watch these space objects.

Scientists have discovered two exoplanets giant size 20.05.2017

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