Scientists: flies are their «disco»

American scientists from the University of Colorado made an interesting discovery. After some investigation, it was discovered that flies-parasites of the species Emblemasoma erro unable to find their victims, focusing on the sound.

Previously it was known that flies and other insects searches carried out by smell. And now, as we can see, in this process they connect with other bodies.

The authors of the study said: «Flies pay attention to the singing of male cicadas, which are thus lure their females».

In the course of work, scientists caught 110 of the flies, of which 75% were females. Later it was found that male flies specially fly «music of the cicadas» because they know that there will be able to find a partner for reproduction.

It turns out, cicadas are the organizers of the meetings for the flies-parasites. Well, the victims – it is in the body of a Cicada flies lay their eggs. The larvae then parasite slowly killing the insect.

Scientists: flies are their «disco» 20.07.2016

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