Scientists expect a person to be saved after death

A group of researchers from the University of Texas in Austin found out, is it possible to preserve after death the human personality, that is, to transfer it to another person.

According to scientists, the brain of the deceased to get information, but only in a special form in order to transfer it to another living individual.

However, the question here is rather in the ethics of the event. After all, the one who will give the spiritual and intellectual legacy of the deceased, may dispose of them improperly.

Therefore, before the identity of the person to give to another, you must carefully figure out who is the person who is its bearer in this life.

Us researchers intend to conduct a thorough preparation for this scientific experiment.

Of course, specialists understand that given the emotional component, to transplant the personality as it is to another person will not work, but something «similar» to transplant is quite real.

Scientists expect a person to be saved after death 27.09.2016

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