Scientists artificially created nanobots to fight cancer

Chemotherapy is of benefit for a large number of patients, however the side effects can be fatal. When the patient is administered the anti-cancer drug molecules begin to seek out and destroy the affected cells. However, to achieve the objective in high enough concentrations necessary to use relatively large quantities of the drug to improve efficiency. As a result of high concentrations of drug can attack healthy cells, causing many patients lose strength and become vulnerable to infection.

Nanotechnology has provided the ability to deliver drugs to specific cells using nanoparticles. Total consumption of medicines, and side effects can be significantly reduced by placing an active agent only in the diseased region, and at a dose not greater than needed. This sampling method can reduce the cost of treatment and suffering.

The most useful area for the application of nanorobots today is considered medicine. Doctors expect to use this technology for emergency delivery of medicines and nutrients directly into the cells and destroy infections and cancer cells. The nanobots can penetrate the tissues and destroy any disease instantly, even without the use of special drugs. This will allow us to deal with genetic disorders, because at the level of molecules and atoms it is possible to correct any error of nature.

To date, recorded the use of nanotechnology in medicine in the first place, to fight cancer. Nanoparticles called liposomes, deliver chemotherapeutic substances inside the cancer tumors. Primarily this method is used for the treatment of HIV Kaposi sarcoma, myeloma and ovarian cancer.

Scientists artificially created nanobots to fight cancer 26.06.2017

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