Scandal in Kursk: King Claudius was drunk and «hamlet» failed

Kursk regional drama theatre was struck by a row over a drunken performer in the play «hamlet».

About the incident told news portal

According to journalists, before the show one of the actors became ill. At the moment when made the decision on his admission, there was a pause. Which other actor in the role of king Claudius, have consumed large amounts of alcohol in the dressing room.

Colleagues drunken actor realized that «Claudius» barely standing on his feet and can not only play when the play began. The organizers announced a forced intermission, during which carried an inebriated actor off the stage and called out for his understudy. Understudy and played the role of Claudius. And the audience who witnessed the actor’s shame, reported this to the press.

Scandal in Kursk: King Claudius was drunk and «hamlet» failed 10.10.2016

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