Sale of new mobile phones was the Russians «can’t afford»

In the past year, the average life of a mobile phone was almost 22 months, according to Deloitte. This was 1 month longer than in 2015, than in 2014. The Russians began longer use their cell phones due to price growth on mobile phones, writes «Kommersant».

Interviewed 2 thousand people aged 18 to 60 years, analysts came to the conclusion that Nokia phones are in the hands of consumers for over 28 months, with the summer 2015 term replacement phones of this brand have grown by about seven months. In second place for the duration of the possession — Sony (27.1 months), the replacement period which increased by almost nine months.

Time owned Samsung rose 0.7 month and was 23.2 months, and the iPhone updating your device approximately every 20 months. The summer of 2015, his replacement period grew by more than two months, and summer 2013, more than eight months.Experts and market participants attributed the rise time period for the replacement phone and the «indestructibility» of the old push-button models. So, Nokia still retains second place among the brands penetration in Russia, ahead of the iPhone. The survey showed that ordinary phone (feature phone) own 47% of respondents, and during the year the penetration of these devices has decreased by only 9 percentage points and the share of respondents who owned a smartphone grew by 4 percentage points to 77% in 2016.

Analysts say that the average lifespan of the phones will continue to grow. According to Deloitte partner Anton Shulga, consumers have already updated the phone when you leapt the ruble to the dollar, and since then prices have gone up. The service life of the devices is growing with the decline in consumer demand, says the President of «Euroset» Alexander Malis.

Sale of new mobile phones was the Russians «can’t afford» 20.02.2017

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